Helping Families During Distressing Times

We believe that no family member, care provider or survivor of a traumatic incident should have to suffer or relive the incident by having to clean it.

We are equipped and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are licensed, bonded, insured and fully compliant with all state and federal laws, rules and regulations related to the cleaning, removal, transport and disposal of biohazardous materials. All biohazardous materials are disposed of at a federally licensed biohazardous waste disposal site. In cases of crime scenes, if additional evidence is subsequently discovered at the site, our biorecovery technicians are trained in the proper steps to ensure preservation of the evidence.

We are a local, family-owned business, located in Clackamas, Oregon. Critical Care BioRecovery serves cities throughout Oregon, the Portland Metro Area and SW Washington State.

Why use a biohazard professional?

2.7 million Americans are infected with Hepatitis C and remarkably 80% of them don’t know it. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has determined that multiple strains of Hepatitis and HIV can survive in dried blood for at least 7 days, some as long as 30 days.

Exposure to biological contaminates can pose serious health consequences for those responsible for the site. A failure to properly and safely remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and even dangerous environments.

If the biorecovery is not properly performed, or the proper personal safety precautions are not used, you risk spreading the contamination and exposing yourself and others to potentially infectious pathogens.

Our technicians have been trained in all aspects of death and trauma scene cleanup to safely and effectively ensure the site of a traumatic incident is thoroughly cleaned and returned to safe use.